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National Thrift Week 2012

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What is National Thrift Week?

National Thrift Week is a public education campaign from January 17-23. It seeks to bring together a broad coalition of citizen leaders who share an appreciation of thrift as the wise use of resources and a conviction that thrift is the friend of sustainable prosperity, broad economic opportunity, beautiful neighborhoods, and a healthy planet. A once-vibrant American social movement that started in 1916, National Thrift Week is both old and new.

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Dr. Chuck Stokes discusses the Thrift Index with Michael Finney, KGO810 News, Jan. 21, 2012 | Start listening at 44:15

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Mayor Nutter Proclaims Thrift Week in Philadelphia. [Full speech also available]

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National Thrift Week

NBC10 Philadelphia highlights National Thrift Week 2011 by presenting a Thrifty Tip of the Day. More Thrift Tips:
Energy Cooperative, Gardening

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2011 Philadelphia Thrift Leaders Roundtable


Pennsylvania General Assembly Designates January 17-23 National Thrift Week

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Philadelphia Mayor Proclaims Thrift Week

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“Thrift Is the Social Movement for the Great Recovery” Gerard Cuddy, Propositions Jan. 2011

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  • Do you believe in saving a portion of what you earn? Do you establish and use an emergency fund? Do you think carefully before spending? Are you passionate about thrift and its many benefits? Would you like to encourage thrifty practices in your community? Become a Thrift Advocate. Get resources and advice on activities like distributing literature on thrift, speaking on the topic, starting a Thrift Club, and much more by e-mailing svetlana@americanvalues.org if you are interested.
  • Organize a Thrift Committee or Thrift Club in your community. Members can include citizen leaders in banking, credit unions, financial education, business, community organizations, green activism, education, religious communities, thrift stores, etc. For ideas and tips, contact svetlana@americanvalues.org.
  • Register your Thrift Committee or Thrift Club onto the National Thrift Leaders Roster by e-mailing svetlana@americanvalues.org. Local organizers will have an opportunity to participate in the creation of 2012 National Thrift Week events.

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